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Getting distracted

What a random day. Yesterday I set myself a fixed rota to get organised for everything I think I should be doing. Today on it’s first day, I’ve done little of what I had so carefully planned. Such is life. Continue reading →

We all have our bubbles.

One of the hardest things for any human being to accept is another human being’s point of view. Opinions and perspectives, trials and experiences, all these things differ from one person to the next. What part of the world were Continue reading →

Who are the real terrorists?

It seems that the fight is heating up a bit. And it doesn’t matter where you look, it seems. So I’m out and about earlier today doing bits and pieces. In town at one side of a square, what appeared Continue reading →

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Clear Quartz Tear Drop Crystal Pendulum £8.50

Clear Quartz Tear Drop Crystal Pendulum


Known as the aster healer stone, Clear Quartz has powerful spiritual properties and is great for healing, balancing and cleansing.